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Our three Hermle milling machining centers in the Performance-Line represent the highest possible efficiency, and our six machining centers in the High-Performance-Line stand for top technological ranking and a high level of automation. Which model is best for you?

In our CNC machine model overview, you can access traverse paths, interference zones, etc. directly – and then find out more!

Hermle C 250 U

As the entry level model in the world of Hermle CNC machine automation , the C 250 U performance line machining center meets the highest standards of quality and durability.

The C 250 U can be seen as the entry-level model for 5-axis milling – and for the Hermle Performance-Line. Thanks to the wide-reaching swiveling range of the work pieces in the working area, the exploitation of the full traverse range and the large collision circle between the table sections, the C 250 U has the largest working area in relation to the installation area.


  • Traverse path: 600 x 550 x 450 mm
  • Body: dia. 450 / H 355
  • Collision circle: dia. 770 mm
  • Max. vertical table
  • Clearance: 550 mm
  • Hermle c250

    Hermle c400

    hermle C 400 U

    The C 400 U is a dynamic and economical machining center designed for 5-axis / 5-side machining. This is where Hermle’s well-known core competence in 5-axis milling machine technology comes into its own. The mineral cast machine bed provides for the C 400 U’s stable, vibration-free machining. You will find some application examples below from the areas of tool making and mold construction as well as machine construction.


  • Traverse path: 850 x 700 x 500 mm
  • Body: dia. 650 / H 500
  • Collision circle: dia.885 mm
  • Max. vertical table clearance: max. 625 mm
  • hermle C 650 U

    The C 650 U machining center is ideal for a vast array of milling operations. From machine construction to precision mechanics, from medical engineering to energy production, from the aerospace and automotive industry to tool and mold construction and the general subcontractor industry.


  • Traverse path: 1050 x 900 x 600 mm
  • Body: Dia. 900 / H 600
  • Collision circle: Ø 1100 mm
  • Vertical table clearance max. 775 mm
  • Hermle c650

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    hermle milling machine center videos

    C 250 RS 05-2

    Hermle C 250 in 5-axis-configuration Machining of a pedal to a downhill bike

    Hermle C 250 V Machining of a forging die for the tool and moldmaking industry

    Hermle C 250 U in 5-axis-configuration Machining of a rockerbox in Toolox33 for the automotive industry

    Hermle C 400 in 5-axis-configuration - hybrid manufacturing machining of a sailing boat in 1.4404 for the die and mold industry

    Hermle C 400 in 5-axis-configuration Machining of a die plate in 1.2367 for the die

    Machining of a stamp in 1.2312 for the die and mold industry

    Machining of a rim in AlMgSi1 for the tool and mold-making industry. Hermle C 400 basic in 5-axis-configuration.

    Machining of a adapter in 1.7131 for the engineering industry. Hermle C 400 in 5-axis-configuration

    Hermle C 400 U in 5-axis-configuration Machining of a mold core in 1.2312 for the die and mold industry

    Hermle C 650 in 5-axis-configuration Machining of a Bull “Fritz the Bull” in AlMg4,5Mn0,7 for the model construction

    Hermle C 650 in 5-axis-configuration Machining of a connecting rod in 1.2312 for the die and mold industry

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