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Christmas party 2023

The Cardinal Machinery Family had the Hap, Hap, Happiest Christmas Holiday party this past weekend. As we celebrate this holiday season, we’d like to thank all of our employees, manufacturers, customers, friends and family for their support. ‘Tis The Season!

Christmas party 2023

United Grinding Precision Summit

Our Cardinal Machinery sales team attended the first ever United Grinding Precision Summit. The Precision Summit was a two-day, two objective event, held at United Grinding’s US Headquarters in Miamisburg, OH. At this event grinding customers, prospective customers, and grinding sales professionals, were introduced to, and educated on four new United Grinding products. Additionally, we were able to observe fifteen live technical demonstrations, featuring the latest in grinding equipment and processes. All occurring in a very open environment suitable for grinding networking with people from across many industries in the Americas. Grinding accessory and supply vendors played a large role in the event as well.

Call us to learn what we learned!

United Grinding Precision Summit United Grinding Precision Summit United Grinding Precision Summit United Grinding Precision Summit United Grinding Precision Summit

AMT Leadership Group

Cardinal Machinery is a proud member of AMT and recently hosted a leadership group at our Memphis Showroom that our own Matt Sobczak is a member of. This group, Prestige World Wide, has leaders of varying tenure representing machine tool builders, dealers and accessories to provide insight and perspective to one another. Lead by industry stalwart, Ralph Hegman, this group puts aside their competition for a couple days and works together to strengthen the Machine Tool and Manufacturing world. Brooke Sykes provided a welcome to the group as well as a little taste of Memphis in the evening visiting historic Beale Street for some live entertainment and fellowship. Cardinal Machinery would like to thank AMT and Prestige World Wide for joining us in Memphis for their quarterly meeting!

Quarterly Meeting Quarterly Meeting Quarterly Meeting Quarterly Meeting

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